Uta is a village of about 8’000 inhabitants which is circa 20 km far away from Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. The territory cover a surface of 134.33 km², tough the village is far smaller. Agriculture, swampy areas, and Mediterranean scrub draw the landscape of Uta from the valley to the top of the Arcosu Mountain. The two rivers of Flumini Mannu and Rio Cixerri constitute the natural border of the urban district.

The territory of Uta encloses several Site of Community Importance, some of which are part of the WWF reserve of Monte Arcosu. The latter is the biggest forest of Mediterranean scrub in the Mediterranean Sea and host the last community of Sardinian deer.

Moreover, several archaeological site enrich the landscape of Uta. According to archaeologists, the site of Su Niu de Su Pilloni is the oldest testimony of the presence of human in this area, even older of the Nuraghe culture!

Inside the city, the School Giuseppe Garibaldi represents one of the most interesting example of eclectic architecture from the 1930s. Finally, the wonderful Church of Saint Mary is the most beautiful example of the Romanesque architecture in Sardinia. 

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