The Project

The Project S’Intzidu aims to protect and enhance the history, archaeology, art, identity, and all the aspects of the cultural heritage of Uta, involving the inhabitants in the whole process.  The territory of Uta is incredible rich of cultural monuments, most of which are nowadays in a neglect state. According to archaeologists, in Uta there are around 28 monuments that testify the presence of humans in this area since the 3rd millennium B. C.


The Project is meant to be a participate project and was created by the no-profit Association S’Intzidu thinking about people: those who inhabit the places and visitors who will like to sightseeing Uta.


The Virtual Museum of the territory of Uta aims to collect information about the cultural heritage of Uta and to discover the untold story of these places.





Project manager


Greca Nathascia Meloni



Marta Deias

German translator


Nina Kremmel

Sardinian translator


Luigi Suella

Spanish translator


Nestor Gisbert Quilis