The virtual Museum of Uta

The idea of the Virtual Museum comes from the necessity to give to the cultural heritage of Uta. 

“A museum is a non-profit, permanent institution in the service of society and its development, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment.”   

ICOM –  International Council Of Museums


We asked ourselves how to enclose the richness of the cultural heritage and landscape of Uta. We wanted an open museum, easy to access at anytime from anywhere.  We wanted a museum able to rich young generation, alive, new.


We realized that we do not need a ‘box’ to fill with artifacts from ancient civilizations, because the territory is itself a big museum always open. Indeed, a simple walk through the city or across the countryside can tell us the story of our ancestors.  We just need to learn where to look!



The Museum aims to guide visitors and inhabitants through the history of this Land providing useful information about the cultural heritage. We want to help you to read the traces of the past in the landscape. This is what is behind our Virtual Museum of Uta.


It is virtual and accessible from everywhere! 



MAP of the monuments of uta


1     Is Arridelis    - Nuragic village

2     S'Appassiu   -  Prenuragic village

3     Is Arridepis  -  Prenuragic Village

4     San Leone  -    Church

5     Santa Maria  - Chiesa

6     Spolla Camisa  - Non definibile

7     Sant'Ambrogio  - Church

8     San Tommaso  - Church

9     Su Mulinu  - Nuraghe

10   San Nicola - Menhir

11   Santa Maria Magramisci  - Church

12   Su Pranu de Porceddu  - Terme

13   Mitza de S'Acqua Bella  - Village

14   Sa Mandara  - Village

15   S'Intzidu  - Nuraghe

16    Su Niu de Su Pilloni  - Villaggio prenuragico

17    Serra Taccori  - Nuragic village

18    Punta Su Ferru  - Nuraghe

19    Bruncu Perdosu  - Nuraghe

20    Madacoccu  - Nuraghe

21    Pianu de Monte Arrexi 1  - Nuraghe

22    Pianu de Monte Arrexi 2  - Nuraghe

23    Sa Mitza Padentina  - Nuragic village

24    Pianu de Monte Arrexi 3  - Nuraghe

25    Mitza Crabas  - Village

26    San Sebastiano  - Church

27    Santa Lucia  - Church

28    Perdu Melis  - Necropoli

29    S. Giusta  - Church

30    Edificio scolastico G. Garibaldi

31    Cementery